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Did you know that buying a home is, for most, the largest financial transaction the will make?  If that's your goal, you want to get it right.  It's important to have the necessary information, tools, and resources in order to get you through the process and maintain stable, long-term homeownership.  But what if that isn't your goal?  First, it's ok if you are not interested in owning a home.  Second, this is the 'Housing" section which will address the issues of stable housing--buy or rent.

BYFH Life Housing HALF

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     Rent or Buy?

     Renting Basics

     Buying a Home
          Step One:  Am I Ready?
               Up Front Costs
               Ongoing Costs
               Pre-purchase Housing Counseling
          Step Two:  Get Pre-approved
               Find a Lender
               Types of Mortgages
                    Mortgage Insurance
                    Escrow Accounts
          Step Three:  Shop for a Home
               Search on Your Own
               Using Real Estate Agents
          Step Four:  Make an Offer
                Review Seller's Disclosure
                Comparative Market Analysis
                A Note About Counteroffers
          Step Five:  Secure Financing
                 Loan Application
                 Good Faith Estimate
          Step Six:  Prepare for Settlement
                 Title Search and Insurance
                 Closing Funds
          Step Seven:  At the Settlement Table
          Special Situations
                 Land Contracts
                 Manufactured Housing
                 New Construction

     Life as a Homeowner
           Upkeep, Repairs, and Improvements
           Major Purchases

     Using Your Equity
           Home Equity Loans
           Reverse Mortgages

     Avoiding Foreclosure
           Mortgage Default Counseling 

     Helpful Resources

     Common Housing Terms