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Spend Sensibly

Spend sensibly to fill your home with the things you need and keep it in order; overspending can lead to both physical and financial chaos.  Map your money and manage cash with banking tools to stay in control.

BYFH Framework SS HALF

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   Talking About Money
   Money Values & Decisions

   Creating a Money Map
Step One: What Comes In - Income
           Step Two: Where Does It Go - Expenses 
                   Tools to Track Expenses
           Step Three:  Compare Income - Expenses 
Step Four: Make Choices 
                    Increase Income
                    Decrease Expenses
                    Spending P
riorities - Needs vs. Wants
Step Five:  Plan Your Route
Step Six:  Follow Your Map & Check Progress

   Money Map Tools

   Manage Your Cash
Where: Financial Institutions
           What: Products, Accounts, & Services
                   Checking Accounts
                       Consequences of Mishandling a Checking Account
                   Savings Vehicles
Loans & Credit
                   Banking Services
                   Other Financial Services
            How: Find the Right Fit
                   Opening an Account
            Why: Banking Alternatives

Helpful Resources

Common Spending & Cash Management Terms