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Building Your Financial House is divided into three main categories:  money topics, life events, and more. 

* MONEY topics are organized according to the Framework for Building Your Financial House.  The framework is divided into seven money 'blocks' and the financial 'tools and materials' we should have in order to build a strong financial house for ourselves and our families.  Click here for a breakdown of the framework concepts by money topic.   

* LIFE events rarely occur without some effect on our money.   In fact, these events usually have more complicated money decisions attached to them.  Click here for a breakdown of the life section, specific factors, and related money issues.

*The TOOLS section contains additional resources including downloadable worksheets, links to financial calculators, and a glossary which puts complicated terms in a more digestible manner.   (Note:  Each money topic and life events page has a corresponding ‘common terms too.)

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