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Borrow to Grow

Finally, only borrow to buy assets that will grow and feed your financial future, like the seeds of a fruit tree.  Borrowing in excess, similar to overwatering a seedling, can slow your financial growth, weigh it down, and drown it out.



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     Borrowing Basics
          Reasons to Borrow
          Ways to Borrow:  Types of Credit
          Costs to Borrow
               Don't Shop for a Monthly Payment

     Credit:  Get It, Use It,  Keep It
          How to Get It
               Credit Reports
               Credit Scores
          How to Use It
          How to Keep It

          Warning Signs
          Dissecting Your Debt
          The Truth About Credit Repair
               Credit Counseling
               Debt Management Programs
               Debt Settlement

     Borrower Beware
          What They Must Tell You
          Consumer Credit Laws
          Predatory Lending

     Helpful Resources

     Common Credit Terms