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Invest in Yourself

Personal Assets
Education to Income Relationship
Learning Opportunities
Setting SMART Financial Goals

Maximize Earnings

Cash and Non-cash Resources (Income)
Gross and Net Monthly Income
Understanding Pay Statements
Employee Benefits
Using Pre-tax Benefits

Spend Sensibly

Talking About Money
Money Values and Decisions
Tracking Expenses
Creating and Using A Money Map (Budget)
Money Map Tools
Banking Products and Services

Check Taxes

Record Keeping
Types of Taxes
Key Income Tax Items
Reporting Income
Adjusted Gross Income
Total vs Taxable Income
Deductions and Credits
Preparing and Filing Your Return
Tax Refunds and Withholding
Adjust Withholding
Paying Less

Make Money Work

Saving vs Investing
Time Value of Money
Compound Interest

Types of Assets
Investment Objectives, Risk, and Costs
Net Worth
Financial Services Companies

Protect Your Potential

Saving for Emergencies
Financial Risks
Types of Insurance
Cost of Insurance
Insurance Companies and Agents
Consumer Safety
Identify Theft
Financial Advice

Borrow to Grow

Types and Costs of Credit
Qualifying for Credit
Credit Reports and Scores
Managing Debt
Consumer Credit Laws
Predatory Lending

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