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The More You Learn ...

   ... the more you earn, and the numbers prove it!       

2014 Median Gif

This is a chart of the median annual earnings in 2014 as reported by the U.S. Dept of Labor. 
You can see that there is over a $22,500 difference in annual earnings between a high school diploma and a 4-year college degree.  Imagine what than can mean over a 40 year work life!  Even the $4,000+ difference with some college can make a big impact on your financial situation. 

Earning a college degree is no doubt important, but keep in mind that there are also many other learning opportunities than just college.*  You can expand your career options, make you more marketable, and increase your earnings potential by:

- improving core skills and/or earning a general 
  education diploma (GED)

- attending career, trade, or vocational training

- taking advantage of professional development opportunities

- exploring or refining a skill or talent through 
  personal enrichment classes


- seeking guidance from small business development

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*Visit the Higher Education section to learn about colleges and universities, paying for higher education, and advanced degrees.