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Increase Income

Recall in the Invest in Yourself section, putting your personal assets to work is key to increasing your income and financial stability.  It’s a long-term, reasonable solution, but may not bring a speedy remedy to current cash flow issues.  Let’s look at some other ideas that may bring more immediate help.

- Check current withholding allowances to make sure you’re not having too much federal tax 
  withheld from your pay.  This is something that can be adjusted fairly quickly, usually within
  a pay cycle or two.  See the Adjust Withholding section to learn more.
- Ask for a raise.  You never know unless you ask, but be prepared with reasons why you
  believe an increase is warranted, i.e., job performance, developed new personal assets, etc.
- Ask for more hours at your job or get a second, part-time job; dedicate the income towards
  your financial goals.
- Sell stuff and de-clutter for cash!  Clothing, jewelry, bicycles, furniture, video games, or
  anything else you’re not using can be cash that you can!
- Ask non-contributing (and able) adults living in your home to contribute to the household

Recall in the Maximize Earnings section that there is a variety of cash and non-cash government assistance programs designed to help individuals and families get through financial challenges.  Some of the cash assistance programs include: 

- Unemployment compensation
- Social security retirement and disability benefits
- Supplemental security income
- Veteran’s disability benefits
- Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Some of the non-cash assistance programs include:

- Medicaid and disability waivers
- Medicare (primarily for those ages 65 and over)
- Public health clinics for screenings and preventive services
- Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP)
- Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
- Housing and energy assistance

To see if you qualify for benefits, the PA Department of Human Services has a dedicated website, COMPASS, at which you can learn more and apply for benefit online.

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