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You may be asking yourself why volunteering is listed as a learning opportunity.  Volunteering serves two very important purposes in our communities. 

1.  Community organizations rely on volunteers to assist in a variety of tasks, projects, and events, which would not be possible without their help.  Community organizations save a great deal of money with services provided by volunteers, especially as funding streams and donations have significantly decreased since the recent financial crisis. 

2.  Volunteering presents a world of opportunity for learning new things and skill building…for free!  Some volunteer positions may even receive a small stip-end depending on the program and/or services.

The PA Department of Labor and Industry created, PennSERVE, the agency charged with facilitating volunteerism and community service initiatives throughout the commonwealth.  PennSERVE is the administrator of the AmeriCorps program in Pennsylvania.  AmeriCorps is a nationwide service program that provides volunteers with education awards in exchange for a year or two of community service.  AmeriCorps volunteers address some of the toughest social challenges, but also help organize neighborhood watches; help build affordable housing; help seniors live independently; and assist victims in the event of a natural disaster.


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